Article in “NOC Sensei”, July 10th, 2021

A broad and particular article by Marco Cavina about the lens I use in my zenithal camera and the photos I get from it, published on the NOC Sensei website.


Book "Two dozen Small Theaters in Marche"

An eminently photographic book, published by Cogecstre Editions in 2020 November, winner of a Call for bids from the Marche Region in support of editorial projects of particular regional interest, which illustrates with 48 zenithal photos of 24 historical theaters in Marche, mostly small and mainly located in smaller centers, therefore less known and they mainly require attention and promotion. The volume is completed by authoritative interventions by Bonita Cleri and Maurizio Rebuzzini. Why two dozen? Read my introduction :)


Article in "FOTOgraphia" n. 260, April 2020

My Iranian travel experience in April 2019, described and commented on an article by Antonio Bordoni, with eighteen my zenithal photos of historical architectures in various Iranian cities.


Article in “La Cittadella” on February 3, 2020

An article about the zenithal photos I took in various Mantuan basilicas and churches, published in the weekly magazine La Cittadella (insert in the newspaper l'Avvenire), signed by Don Giovanni Telò.


2020 Calendar of the Municipality of Treia

My zenithal photo of the hall of the Municipal Theater was included in the 2020 institutional calendar of the Municipality of Treia, in December.


Diary of my trip to Iran, Spring 2019

My travel diary in Iran was published on the website of the Iranian cultural Institute in Rome, with a gallery of 25 iranian zenithal photos.


Article in the “Barnum”, February 27th, 2019

An article on my personal interpretation of zenithal photography and the particular technique of shooting, on the web magazine Barnum edited by Massimo Pacifico.


Book of the Ghiara Basilica, Reggio Emilia

On October, 2019 the editorial work of my friend and colleague architect Franca Manenti Valli entitled: "L'architettura della Ghiara a Reggio Emilia" was published for the types of the Consulta librieprogetti. The book contains my zenithal photo of the dome of the basilica and two other zenithal photos of detail, and, moreover, a short text "La magia nello zenith" on how I mean the zenithal photography of architecture.


New article in "FOTOgraphia" n. 243, July 2018

On July 2018 the FOTOgraphia magazine republished the photos of a dozen most significant articles since the inception of the magazine. One of these articles, published on September 2009, was about my zenithal photos.


Article in "NadirMagazine", November 2017

An article by my friend Rino Giardiello about the project of my zenithal camera and on the creation of a zenith photo with him, in the webzine "NadirMagazine".


Article in “Artevitae”, October 4th, 2017

An article by Giusy Baffi about the history of my interest in zenithal photography, on my equipment and on my shooting technique, on September 4, 2017 issue of the webzine "Artevitae".


Small article in “La Voce dei Lavoratori” n. 3, October 2017

In the magazine of the Workers' Foundation of the Officine Galileo in Florence, my zenithal photo of the Auditorium of the FLOG auditorium has been published, with some notes by Ivan Margheri.


Article in “Il Fotografo”, May 2017

An article by Amedeo Francesco Novelli, concerning the philosophy of my pictures and of the technique of shooting on May 2017 issue of the magazine “Il Fotografo".


2015 Book of Stamps

My zenithal photo of the dome of the Temple of Consolation in Todi was included in the 2015 Book of Stamps of the Italian Post Office, printed by the Poligrafico dello Stato, to illustrate the subject of the stamp dedicated to the Temple, published on May 27, 2015.


Book of the Bartolini Salimbeni Palace, December 2015

In the book Palazzo Bartolini Salimbeni - Istimatissima Architettura, by Matteo Cecchi, published by Edifir, some of my zenithal photos of the palace have been published, both on the cover and inside.


Winner Porfolio of One Eyeland Awards 2014

My porfolio composed of ten zenithal pictures won a "Bronze Certified" in Architecture section of One Eyeland Awards 2014.


Winner portfolio of Eisa Maestro 2014 Competition

My porfolio composed of ten zenithal pictures was the first classified for the Italy area in the Eisa Maestro 2014 Competition in the field of architecture, with 16 country in competition. The article on August 2014 issue of Tutti Fotografi magazine.


Article in “”, March 11th, 2014

An article about my photos appeared in the web magazine, signed by my colleague architect Emiliano Pierini.


Article in “Tutti Fotografi”, December 2013

The cover and an article on Tutti Fotografi magazine, signed by Danilo Cecchi, were dedicated to my zenithal images and to the shooting equipment.


Article in “La Repubblica”, February 6th, 2013

An article signed by Gaia Rau in "La Repubblica” newspaper and on line in its website.


International scientific Congress “Domes in the world”, March 2012

Some of my zenithal photos of domes are part of the proceedings of the international Congress, held in Florence.


TV report in RAI-3, February 2011

In a TV report on Rai3, Walter Daviddi illustrated "in the field" my zenithal photos inside the Teatro della Pergola, Florence.


Guide of the "Cappelle Medicee" Museum, 2010 edition

The zenithal photo of the “Sagrestia Nuova della Basilica di San Lorenzo” in Florence, has been included in the Official Guide of the Museum.


Article in “FOTOgraphia” n. 154, September 2009

The shooting technique and the pictures were described with a cover and an article written by director Maurizio Rebuzzini in the issue 154, September 2009, of “FOTOgraphia” magazine.


The 2009 Calendar of Prato Province

The 2009 institutional Calendar of Prato Province was prepared with thirteen zenithal photos realized by my technique.